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The power to open doors near and far for clients
Supra's managed access service provides secure options to grant listing access to individuals who are not members of the local real estate organization. The solution increases security and convenience by eliminating “call-before-showing” (CBS) codes.
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Managed access
Two new Supra Powers
Managed access
Non-member agent access
Supra eKEY app with large obtain key button for managed access on mobile phone.
Supra’s managed access service enables organizations and listing agents to provide all licensed real estate agents – including non-members – streamlined and secure access to lockboxes on properties. The Supra solution opens doors to new buyers, while maintaining control and accountability for listing access.
One time setup

Even as a non-member, real estate organizations or MLS boards can get you set up with a Supra mobile key for easy coordination. Access is secure and limited to the designated user and works with any of our lockboxes.

Easily Grant Access

Easily grant access to non-member agents and define an access window directly from the eKEY® app. Access can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance and real-time notifications tell listing agents when a non-member agent is showing a property. Real-time agent memos and showing notes also let listing agents easily provide details such as alarm codes or special showing instructions within eKEY when granting access to a non-member agent.

Maintain control

Organizations maintain control over access, allowing a non-member agent access to open lockboxes, while keeping listing and shackle control with the member agent. Requires a non-member agent to accept terms of keyholder agreement.

Managed access
Single access
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Coordinating work from your crew of contractors, stagers, and photographers just got easier with one-time access anytime, from anywhere.
Simple, streamlined access for work teams

Agents can now deliver non-transferrable access credentials directly to a user’s smartphone without the need for call-before-showing (CBS) codes. Designed for individuals who require limited one-off or occasional entry to properties, the one-button Supra eKEY app provides easy access to obtain keys from Supra lockboxes.

Easy control

Enable easy coordination by creating customized access windows - eliminating the need to coordinate meeting times at a property. You can schedule access up to 30 days in advance, and can easily modify managed access through the eKEY app.

Homeowner peace of mind

With system recording and tracking, always know who accessed the property when and for how long with access limited to only the time allocated. Homeowners can even receive notifications of access activity from their listing agent.

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The Supra System
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Managed Access FAQs
Supra’s managed access service is being built to cover multiple groups that support the real estate listing and selling process, including office teams, inspectors, appraisers, and contractors. Supra is designing the managed access service with flexibility to configure permissions based on an organization’s requirements. Organizations interested in managed access may contact their Supra rep for pricing and activation details.
Supra is introducing a better solution for contractors, stagers, and inspectors to gain one-off or occasional entry to properties via the eKEY® app. Our new single-access key is part of the managed access service, providing on-demand controlled access to crews you may need to let into the listing during the selling process.
Yes, Supra’s managed access service for non-member agents is available now. Listing agents can use their eKEY to define a time frame for when a non-member agent can access a lockbox. Access can be granted for 2 to 72 hours, and scheduled up to 30 days in advance.
There will be a transition period during which the current Affiliate Key is phased out. This will be replaced with a new access level for affiliates – such as inspectors and appraisers – who will be granted access through the managed access service.
Phase 2 of Supra’s managed access service will have a transition process for legacy Affiliate keyholders to move to a new type of managed access for appraisers and inspectors.
Supra’s managed access service is designed to offer multiple levels of controlled access for the listing agent’s entire support team, from preparation to sale close. In the near future, managed access will offer a streamlined way to assign user-level access permissions for assistants and others on office teams.
Managed access works with the Supra eKEY app and iBox BT and BT LE lockboxes. Classic iBox lockboxes cannot accommodate granting managed access. Listing agents and non-member agents must have the eKEY app. The feature does not work with Supra hardware keys such as XpressKEY. Please contact your Board for lockbox and key options.
The industry landscape is changing rapidly. Supra is committed to partnering with our customers to meet their needs and provide reliable, seamless, and secure access solutions and productivity tools.
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