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Digital Keys
A new chapter of access and information in real estate
Digital keys offer convenience and confidence for real estate agents and property owners, allowing agents authorized access to show homes for sale to prospective buyers.
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What are digital keys?
Digital keys are individual credentials that use 128-bit AES data encryption. Use of digital keys ensures that only authorized real estate agents are allowed to access the keys to a home. The credential is sent from the real estate agent’s phone to the lockbox via Bluetooth® technology. This allows the agent to obtain the home’s keys securely and safely. When the box is opened, that information is encrypted and transmitted back to the Supra system to provide real-time tracking and an electronic audit trail.
Digital Keys
How do they work?
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Seamless, simple and secure entry


Lockboxes hold the keys to the home and can typically be found near the front of the home


Agents can open the lockbox using the encrypted Supra digital key on their mobile phone


Access the keys


Guide prospective buyers on a tour of the property

Digital Keys
Why use a digital key in real estate?
Explore the many perks of digital keys.
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Secure Access for Infrequent Users

With digital keys and lockbox technology, real estate agents don’t need to add a mechanical lockbox option for one-time access. Supra’s single access feature, which is a purpose-built digital key, provides secure one-time access, with a digital audit trail, for infrequent users.

More secure than push button lockboxes

Digital keys also solve one of the common problems with lockboxes that have a keypad. The combination to the lock can be shared, and there is no control over who uses the code. With a digital key that is tied to a person’s identity and their mobile phone, the digital key cannot be shared inappropriately.

Know who is coming and going

A digital key in an app on a mobile device, combined with electronic lockboxes, enable real estate agents to give authorized access to listing and track activity at client properties.

Enhance security

With digital keys and unlocking solutions, properties are safer and easier to manage.

Provide a higher level of service with eKEY Pro
Compare Supra's digital key products
Feature eKEY eKEY Pro
Open lockbox, release shackle, and see access activity star_red ranking_white
View data at the door real-time property notes star_red ranking_white
Enable automatic showing notifications star_red ranking_white
Customize lockbox settings and access hours star_red ranking_white
Use phone biometrics for extra layer of security star_red ranking_white
Create data at the door real-time property notes ranking_white
View MLS listing information offline ranking_white
View agent roster information ranking_white
Recommend listings for buyers to view in Supra Home Tour app ranking_white
View and compare buyer home ratings ranking_white
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