This web page associates patented articles with the numbers of patents, in compliance with the virtual patent marking provisions of 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

Supra and/or its affiliate (collectively, “Supra”) products listed below are covered by the associated patents. Products covered by Supra’s U.S. patents are often sold under brand names other than “Supra.” The below products may be sold individually or as part of a combination product. Each of the listed patents may have one or more international counterpart patents, which may provide protection for the product in additional countries around the world.

The absence of a Supra product from the list below should not be interpreted to mean that there are no Supra patents that cover that product. For example, products that are protected by U.S. patents, but which are not virtually marked, may not appear on this list. Likewise, the absence of a Supra patent from the list below should not be interpreted to mean that the patent does not cover one or more Supra products, including one or more products listed below. Patents also may have issued in the United States and elsewhere since the date of last revision, which are not identified on this page. Supra expressly reserves any and all legal rights.

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Supra Products Patents
Supra Keybox, 002142 US9916742B2