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Hands on desk close up of eKEY app home screen.
One key unlocks many Supra Powers
Efficient access and an easy-to-use app makes managing lockboxes and showing information a breeze with eKEY Basic app.
The power to open the door to listings with your phone
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Makes it simple
Turn your smartphone into a lockbox key and an app-toolbox that you carry at all times. Quickly and easily show properties using a smartphone or Apple Watch®, plus an optional layer of security with biometrics.
Makes it seamless
With constant access to MLS data for a specific listing and real-time listing information and showing notes at the door when the lockbox opens, you’re always in the know.
eKEY Basic features
Quick access, real-time information
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Click the features below to see eKEY in action

View and manage lockboxes

Directly from the eKEY app on your phone, you can change lockbox shackle codes, track lockbox inventory, and more.

Stay up to date with data at the door

Get real-time listing details and showing instructions the moment you unlock the lockbox.

Control settings right in the palm of your hand

Stay organized and in control with the ability to set up the app the way you want to use it – turn on end-of-showing notifications, once-per-day PIN, and require biometrics.

Track showing notifications and feedback

Easily see start and end of showing times and feedback on your listings.

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