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Row of vehicles on dealership lot Row of vehicles on dealership lot


Car dealer handing key to woman inside new car
Wait on your customers, not your keys
Streamline operations, increase productivity, and improve service when keys are stored with the vehicle.
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Provide instant access to
any vehicle on the lot
Indigo® Mechanical Key Box
Indigo with key and fob inside box
Ultra-lightweight, Indigo is available in a range of sizes and mounting formats to provide flexible options for quick and convenient key storage. The Indigo is designed to bring efficient key control in a variety of applications such as automotive dealerships, auto auctions, and truck rental and leasing locations. This design incorporates a snap-shut locking feature and proprietary Title key system which allows access only by those with a properly-coded key.
Hang it on the window

The Indigo keybox simply hangs on the window of a vehicle to keep keys conveniently available. The hanger is securely double-riveted to the back of the keybox. Indigo’s padded back prevents damage to the vehicle window.

Mount it permanently

Lightweight, large capacity, and equipped with Snap Shut closure, the Indigo keybox is available as a permanent-mount version to be secured on a wall or post at individual parking spaces.

Make it portable

The Indigo Portable keybox has a stainless steel hanger that is especially suited for situations where hanging a keybox on a window is not practical such as on tall vehicles, or in use with side-sliding windows such as RVs.

Supra® TRAC-Box
Row of RVs with TRACBox
Store keys in a portable keybox that can attach to most recreational vehicles. The keybox communicates through Bluetooth® with the TRACcess eKEY® mobile app on the user’s smartphone.
Store keys securely

Each time an authorized user opens a keybox, a record of the activity is stored in the TRAC-Box and the TRACcess eKEY®. The TRAC-Box provides immediate access to keys at the vehicle, allowing salespeople to stay with their customers throughout the sales process.

Easily access through an app

The eKEY app transmits activity data in near real-time to the TRACcess Manager system, creating an audit trail. Plus, keybox device history is available right at the vehicle through the eKEY app. If someone forgets to return the keys, users can see the activity history at the keybox without having to go back to the office.

Manage reports

Get keybox activity reports with real-time data, providing immediate visibility to the frequency of showings, giving better insight to marketing and sales campaigns.

Elante® Key Storage Tube
Utility vehicles with Elante installed
Designed to improve preventative maintenance efficiencies, provide better key control for multiple drivers and deliver emergency spare key storage. Elante allows vehicles to be serviced quickly, and gets them back in operation sooner, reducing service costs.
Quick installation

The large capacity, weather resistant storage container and flush-mounted shape can be installed on all types of vehicles in minutes.

Discreet Design

When space is premium or concealed access is preferred, the Elante tube can be installed directly behind the license plate without drilling visible holes.

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