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Why Supra
More power to be the best agent ever
Supra has brought efficiency and peace of mind to the real estate industry since 1955 - providing a range of leading access solutions. Today, Supra offers easy-to-use lockboxes, digital key solutions and a showing management platform that allows agents to focus on their clients.
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Enabling access across boundaries
Supra’s auto cooperation feature provides agents and brokers with a competitive edge by removing traditional barriers and allowing agents to access more listings for their clients, safely and securely.
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of listing accesses1
Million keyholders
Million accesses annually2
1 Via networked electronic lockboxes, based on publicly available statistics and Supra-recorded data of lockbox openings via the Supra eKEY app and hardware keys in the U.S. and Canada from 2019 through 2021. 2 Recorded accesses of Supra lockboxes worldwide during years 2019-2021.
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Case Study: Redefining Collaboration in Real Estate with Supra Auto Cooperation
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