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Case Study: Redefining Collaboration in Real Estate with Supra Auto Cooperation

Salem, Oregon -


First Multiple Listing Service (First MLS), a prominent listing service based in Atlanta, Georgia, faced obstacles when members needed to collaborate across markets to best serve their buyers and sellers.

Throughout the industry, forces such as high interest rates, inflated home prices and limited inventory are driving more buyers to expand property searches beyond their current area.

Real estate markets have historically imposed roadblocks by restricting agents from showing homes outside of specific boundaries. It’s now critical for agents to have access to listing information so they can offer valuable insights and seamlessly access homes. FMLS, the fourth largest multiple listing service in the U.S., turned to Supra for a solution.


Supra, a digital solutions leader in the real estate industry, is trusted by more than 1 million agents for its access management solutions and lockbox technology. In response to these challenges, Supra introduced a groundbreaking solution: Auto Cooperation.

Using the Supra platform, vetted and verified agents can research, view, and schedule showings for listings in other territories that also use auto cooperation. When a client is ready to view the listing, the agent can access the home using their Supra digital key and Supra’s electronic lockbox. The result is a streamlined search and scheduling process, which previously could have taken hours of additional research and phone calls.

Supra’s revolutionary auto cooperation feature breaks down the market restrictions that limit productivity, opening doors for cross- region collaboration amongst seller and buyer agents.


Supra’s auto cooperation feature provides agents and brokers with a competitive edge by removing traditional barriers and allowing agents to access more listings for their clients, safely and securely.

After implementing Supra’s auto cooperation feature in mid-2022, First MLS experienced game-changing results for agents working with both buyers and sellers. Within the first 12 months, First MLS agents accessed and showed over 1,700 additional listings outside their territory, representing a 23 percent increase and significantly expanding their reach.

FMLS has expanded collaboration in multiple areas throughout Georgia and across state lines into Chattanooga, Tennessee, increasing the reach of information and access while offering clients a broader spectrum of options.

By streamlining the process of accessing a listing in another market, Supra’s auto cooperation feature has led to more sales while maintaining a high level of security for properties, buyers, sellers and agents. Sarah Stovall, an Atlanta broker with First MLS, shared that while enabled with Supra’s auto cooperation, she was able to easily and securely access a property in Macon, Georgia, for a client, gather all the listing information, and show the property using her Supra key, which ultimately led to her client purchasing the property.

Supra’s auto cooperation feature provides agents with maximum exposure and visibility, all while maintaining control and accountability for the listing, buyer, and seller. Suzanne Beers, CEO of Middle Georgia MLS, said that granting access through Supra’s auto cooperation feature removes entry barriers for licensed agents across multiple MLSs in the state and eliminates the liability and security concerns with hiding a key or providing a code to a combination lockbox. This ensures the listing agent receives accurate data on who has entered the property.

Auto cooperation by Supra is a win-win leading to more exposure for buyers and sellers and opportunities for the industry to work together efficiently and effectively. As the industry continues to evolve, Supra stands at the forefront, reshaping the future of real estate collaboration.

“The real estate market is evolving and is calling for more collaboration amongst agents to be able to better serve clients. Supra’s auto cooperation breaks down the barriers agents face when trying to access a home outside of their market, saving agents time and simplifying the process to get their clients into a potential listing that meets their needs. The result is maximum exposure for listings, increasing the number of viewings for both buyers and sellers.”
Jeremy Crawford
First MLS

Key Challenges

  • High interest rates, inflated home prices, and limited inventory impacting real estate markets
  • Home buyer searches expanding to multiple markets in broader geographical  areas
  • Market restrictions  limit agents from showing homes beyond specific boundaries

Positive Results

  • First MLS agents accessed over 1,700 additional listings outside their territory in the first 12 months
  • Removing barriers and accessing more listings securely
  • Increased exposure for listings and visibility for buyers and sellers

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