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Florida Real Estate Associations Continue Partnerships with Supra, Reinforcing Widespread Adoption of Proven Digital Services

SALEM, Oregon -

Supra, a leading digital services provider for the real estate industry, is pleased to announce the continuation of long-standing partnerships with several prominent Central Florida real estate associations. Supra is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

The following real estate associations have all confirmed their commitment to provide cutting-edge access solutions and cooperating access to their members, with Supra as their preferred vendor:

- Osceola County Association of REALTORS®

- Lakeland REALTORS®

- REALTORS® Association of Lake and Sumter Counties

- Space Coast Association of REALTORS®

- West Volusia REALTORS® Association

"We value Supra’s commitment to delivering services with resolute reliability and we acknowledge their consistent efforts in meeting our industry’s expectations,” said Imran Mohamed, President, Osceola County Association of REALTORS®.

Florida’s real estate landscape, unique due to its distinction as the state with the highest number of real estate agents and one of the most valuable housing markets in the country, demands a reliable and dependable solution.

Jana Lutz, President of Lakeland REALTORS® added, “Our members value being part of a region that has selected Supra as the premier choice for property access. This ensures our members have seamless access and the ability to work in any cooperating association or MLS throughout the region.”

Supra has agreements in place with 37 real estate associations and multiple listing services throughout Florida. The widespread adoption of the Supra system by the Florida real estate industry and the unique ability of the Supra system to allow authorized cooperating access to listings in neighboring associations and MLSs provides a streamlined experience for real estate agents as they cater to clients across various regions. This unified approach not only simplifies operations but also reinforces security and enhances overall efficiency.

With a proven track record in the state, Supra lockboxes are considered the gold standard by the majority of Florida associations because of their exceptional reliability, particularly during challenging weather events. 

“An astounding 93 percent of Florida real estate agents use Supra to access listings,” said Doug Beals, Supra national account manager. “With over 220,000 Florida real estate agents choosing the Supra system and over 3.5 million Supra lockbox openings in the past year, Supra has a demonstrated ability to manage extensive showings and data, with the reliability to support the state’s substantial user base.”

The Supra system is built on six decades of expertise in providing access solutions for the real estate industry. The Supra app facilitates communication with an electronic lockbox to keep the information flowing between everyone involved in the sales transaction. This comprehensive system enhances safety and efficiency for real estate agents and provides peace of mind for homeowners, enhancing the real estate experience.

Supra is the leader in access technology for real estate home showings, enabling over 70 percent of all listing accesses via networked electronic lockboxes with more than 45 million accesses annually by over one million real estate professionals in the U.S. and Canada. 

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About Supra

A leading global provider of mobile credentialing and key management systems, Supra offers innovative access solutions for the real estate, property management, automotive, and commercial sectors. Supra has produced convenient and secure entry solutions for over 60 years. Supra’s key credentialing technology is deployed across an installed base of 4 million locking devices in multiple industries. Supra is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions that matter for people and our planet for generations to come.

Contact: Patti DeLano, Supra