Supra® KeyAdvantage System

​Keys stay with the vehicles, so your salespeople can spend more time with their customers and less time tracking down keys — helping them close more sales. Improve operating efficiency, increase employee accountability, and control your business with the KeyAdvantage system.

​Input your PIN code
into KeyPad

​Touch the KeyPad
to the KeyBox

​Remove the ignition
keys and demonstrate
the vehicle

The KeyAdvantage electronic key control system provides immediate access to keys at the vehicle, allowing salespeople to stay with their customers throughout the sales process. Tracking information is available right at the car in addition to reports through the software. The system records the date, time, user, and vehicle information for each access — providing accountability for your employees and full activity reports for your inventory. The KeyAdvantage system helps reduce lost keys, improves employee accountability, and increases sales by improving customer service and efficiency on the lot.


KeyAdvantage KeyBox

Spacious and easy to handle, the KeyAdvantage KeyBox holds the vehicle’s keys at the vehicle for immediate access. KeyBoxes can be programmed to specific departments to control usage. Find who removed the vehicle keys and when they were removed by reading the KeyBox with your KeyPad.

​KeyAdvantage KeyPad

Your salespeople check-out a KeyPad in the morning, verifying that they’re authorized to access vehicles for the day. The hand-held KeyPad provides remote access to every vehicle on lot and collects all the tracking information for the employee. Operated by PIN-code for security, the KeyPad can only be used by the assigned employee and the KeyPad expires automatically each night at the time you set. Access privileges can be customized for each employee or groups of employees.

Software and Reports

Simple-to-use administrative software lets you control user permissions on a daily basis. You have the ability to restrict employee access based on day, time, employee, department, or dealership. The system provides full activity reports that can be generated manually or scheduled for automatic e-mail distribution.


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