Elante® Key Storage Tube

The Elante® key storage tube was designed with the help of fleet managers to improve preventative maintenance efficiencies, provide better key control for multiple drivers and have emergency spare key storage. When vehicles are serviced efficiently, they're back in operation sooner and service costs are reduced.
The solid metal Elante tube provides permanent, concealed key storage in each vehicle.  Its roomy interior stores all sizes of keys and keyless entry fobs.  Constructed of cast metal and closed with a lid cover to shield the Title lock from the elements, the Elante tube is weather-resistant.

​Elante Key Storage Tube

The large capacity, weather resistant Elante key storage container, flush-mounted on all types of vehicles, can be installed in minutes.  

​Hinged License Plate Frame (optional)

When space is premium or concealed access is preferred, the Elante tube can be installed directly behind the license plate without drilling visible holes.

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