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Streamline operations and improve sales and service when keys are stored at the vehicle. With the Supra electronic KeyAdvantage system, dealer managers can not only double-check who was the last person to use a car's keys, but monitor demos and sales activity against actual sales.

Keeping sales staff on the lot instead of hunting for keys, spending more time with customers, and quickly repositioning cars on the lot are all easily accomplished with keys stored in KeyBoxes at the vehicle. Compare window-hanging KeyBoxes to explore options that work best for you while you check into Supra's product solutions for automotive dealerships and fleet management.



Supra® Products for Automotive & RV Dealers


KeyAdvantage System

The KeyAdvantage system combines convenience with accountability. The KeyBox and KeyPad provide additional security features and full tracking for the keys and sales activity.


Supra's newest mechanical KeyBox is built to accommodate larger keys and key fobs.

​​TRAC-Box for RV Marketplace

The Supra TRAC-Box solution for the recreational marketplace offers convenient key storage and authorized, trackable access.



The magnum is a heavy-duty mechanical KeyBox with thicker walls and recessed lid. 


The original KeyBox by Supra with its rugged design and durability will last for years at your dealership.



 Supra Products for Fleet Managers


Solid metal tube provides recessed key storage in each vehicle.

Industrial Max

Surface-mount KeyBox with dual hinged lid for easy access.


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