Supra® TRAC-Box for Recreational Marketplace and Truck Dealerships

The Supra key management solution for the recreational marketplace offers convenient key storage and authorized, trackable access. It provides immediate access to keys at the vehicle, improving lot efficiency and customer service.

​Press open on the Supra eKEY app

Enter authorized PIN

​Release the key container and get the key!

The Supra TRAC-Box stores keys in a rugged keybox that can attach to most recreational vehicles. The keybox communicates through Bluetooth® with the TRACcess eKEY® mobile app on the user’s smartphone.


TRAC-Box for key storage

Each time an authorized user opens a keybox, a record of the activity is stored in the TRAC-Box and the TRACcess eKEY. The TRAC-Box provides immediate access to keys at the vehicle, allowing salespeople to stay with their customers throughout the sales process. By storing keys at the vehicle, the system can boost lot efficiency through improved customer service, increased demos, and a faster sales process.


​TRACcess eKEY® app for access

The eKEY app transmits activity data in near real-time to the TRACcess Manager system, creating an audit trail. Plus, keybox device history is available right at the vehicle through the eKEY app. If someone forgets to return the keys, users can see the activity history at the keybox without having to go back to the office. 

TRACcess Manager Reports

Keybox activity reports with real-time data provide immediate visibility to the frequency of RV showings, giving better insight to marketing and sales campaigns.