TRAC-Guard™ Padlock


Ideal for remote and offline locations, the rugged and versatile 
TRAC-Guard padlock brings mobile access and real-time control to gates, hatches, equipment, lockers, or other places a padlock can reach. The Bluetooth® padlock comes ready for standalone use while providing all the commercial capabilities of the TRACcess® system for your access points.


Small but mighty, the TRAC-Guard padlock brings powerful TRACcess capabilities to remote locations. The padlock is fully compatible with the TRACcess® eKEY® app for Android and Apple® phones, and the TRACcess Manager cloud-based administrative system. Operators can gain real-time information about remote site activity, select advanced reporting capabilities, and streamline inventory management. 


This versatile Bluetooth® padlock can be fitted with interchangeable 2- or 6-inch shackles, optional lanyards to anchor the padlock in place, and an optional shroud providing extra protection to the 2-inch shackle.


The tough TRAC-Guard padlock is powered by a user-replaceable, five-year lithium battery. Low-battery warnings are transmitted from the padlock, and battery power levels are included in TRACcess inventory reports. The rugged padlock performs within a broad range of environmental conditions.

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