Share the cost of access to your ATM network


The TRACcess® System allows banks and service providers to share the cost and the benefits of monitored access control across an ATM network.

Maintaining an ATM network is expensive and inconvenient.  The machines located on bank branches and remote kiosks must remain operational 24/7.  A traditional access control system is cost prohibitive to deploy for a dispersed network of sites; yet maintaining control of a facility's mechanical keys is difficult.  Your service providers must painstakingly manage key control and audits.  Rekeying locks can become an expensive proposition.

Banks and service providers can now share the cost of remote access control throughout an ATM network.  Banks install TRACcess secure locks or key vaults at each site requiring ATM care while service vendors manage and subscribe to their own electronic smartphone keys.  Banks control access to the properties and can monitor an audit trail of activity at each ATM location, even subscribing to email alerts for sensitive sites.  Service providers, with the bank's authorization, may manage the permissions for individual keyholders and monitor individual key activity.

Lower your key management costs when you share the ownership and benefits of TRACcess monitored access control for your ATMs.  Retain complete control by authorizing service for the sites that you choose and by monitoring activity online, via scheduled reports, or with email alerts.  Permissions are conveniently administered through the TRACcess Manager online portal. You will have the confidence of knowing that your data and communications are protected with layers of security. Improve service response and keep your network robust and secure with the TRACcess System.

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