Mitigate the risk and cost of mechanical keys


The TRACcess® System reduces risk, inefficiencies, and costs of mechanical keys and locks.

Banks that secure their ATM network with mechanical keys and locks have to bear the inherent risk and administrative cost of the keys themselves.  Keys to branches and remote ATM kiosks are tedious to administer, difficult to collect, painstaking to identify and tag, and time consuming to audit.  The keys are easy to lose or misplace and costly to duplicate, and the use of each key is not tracked or automatically recorded.  Banks can find themselves with volumes of missing keys, worried about unauthorized duplication and distribution, and forced to undertake expensive rekeying of facility locks.

The TRACcess System replaces mechanical keys with a smartphone key that transmits access data to the system when activity occurs.  Administrators conveniently use the online TRACcess Manager portal to activate individual keys, assign access permissions, and monitor activity or schedule audit reports.  Technicians simply download the TRACcess eKEY app to their smartphone and receive a PIN code to enjoy one-key access to all their authorized sites.  Administrators grant permissions to specific sites, and can quickly disable any key, eliminating the need to reprogram or rekey locks.

Employ the affordable and convenient TRACcess System to relieve your key administration burden and put multiple levels of security to work for you.  You'll earn a payback on your investment when you add non-networked, real-time, trackable access control throughout your ATM network.  ​

Put TRACc​ess to work for you.

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