Supra Max

Supra Max proves its worth by storing keys at the vehicle and enabling salespeople to stay with their customers at all times and to serve customers faster.  Attach Max easily to the window of any vehicle with its stainless steel hanger that is securely riveted to the KeyBox.
Durable and easy to use, the Supra Max is constructed of zinc alloy and is equipped with a unique one-piece construction and hinged lid for quick access to your keys.  Supra Max is designed to be weather-resistant with a dry lock lid to shield the Title lock mechanism from dirt and moisture.  The KeyBox is weather-stripped on the inside to protect the contents from the elements.  Supra Max is finished with a high-impact polyurethane powder coat on the outside for rust-resistance and long-lasting good looks.
Max is built with Supra’s Title key system, using a unique code so that access is restricted to only those with the proper key.  Max locks can be keyed to match key codes on your Indigo and Magnum KeyBoxes, so you can enjoy Supra’s one-key convenience.


With durable zinc alloy construction, weatherized interior, and double-riveted stainless steel hanger, Max attaches easily to the window of any vehicle.  Its padded back, coated with a protective foam pad, prevents damage to the window.  Max can be ordered with a personalized nameplate for your business.

​Permanent-mount Max

The Permanent-mount Max is designed for walls, posts, or other flat surfaces. It is ideal anyplace where industrial-strength and weather-resistant key storage are needed.

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