Indigo® Mechanical Keybox

​​​​​​​Businesses who deploy the Indigo® keybox to store keys at their vehicles can serve customers faster, help salespeople stay with their prospects instead of running to the office to find keys, and quickly reposition cars on the lot.  The Indigo mechanical keybox is made from a special aerospace aluminum alloy, and is designed with the Snap Shut locking system to facilitate daily operations for automotive businesses that remove keys nightly.   
Ultra-lightweight, Indigo has the largest storage capacity of Supra’s keyboxes. Indigo is built with the Supra Title key system, using a unique code so that access is restricted to only those with the proper key.

​Indigo:  Window-Mount Keybox

The Indigo keybox simply hangs on the window of a vehicle to keep keys conveniently available.  The hanger is securely double-riveted to the back of the keybox. Indigo’s padded back prevents damage to the vehicle window.

​Indigo:  Permanent Mount Keybox

Lightweight, large capacity, and equipped with Snap Shut closure, the Indigo keybox is available as a permanent-mount version to be secured on a wall or post at individual parking spaces.

Indigo: Portable Keybox

The Indigo Portable keybox has a stainless steel hanger for ultimate portability. It is especially suited for situations where hanging a keybox on a window is not practical such as on tall vehicles, or in uses with side-sliding windows such as RVs.

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