Increase vendor accountability

The TRACcess® system shows exactly when service technicians accessed your site, so you can know if your equipment is being maintained on schedule.

Holding vendors accountable across remote facilities is challenging, especially when locations are hundreds of miles apart. The TRACcess system makes it easy and cost-effective to track access at dozens of remote locations – without installing expensive monitoring and communications infrastructure.

Access activity information is transmitted from the keyholder's electronic key to TRACcess Manager, allowing you to view exactly when service technicians accessed your facilities or know if they didn’t show up. You can check online for activity, use automated reports to monitor site usage, or opt to receive email alerts whenever certain locking devices are accessed.

With the TRACcess system, there’s no question as to whether service vendors arrived at a facility on time. You can determine which vendor accessed your locking device last. Keyholder access information is stored in the TRACcess lock, the key, and the TRACcess Manager SSL-secured server, making it easy to audit recent users of your locking devices. 

Put TRACcess to work for you.

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