Eliminate travel to rekey or reprogram locks

The TRACcess® system eliminates the hassle and risk of traditional lock-and-key systems without the expense of communications infrastructure at the facility.

Traditional lock-and-key systems can create significant overhead costs, particularly at remote sites. Travel to rekey locks is time-consuming and expensive, and physical keys pose a security risk when employees or vendors leave the company. Programmable locks require travel to the site to add or delete keyholders and often limit the number of codes available. On the other hand, adding communications infrastructure for traditional access control at multiple sites can be cost-prohibitive.

The TRACcess system eliminates all these pain points by replacing mechanical keys with TRACcess electronic keys. Administrators manage access remotely from a central location. Keyholders obtain access permissions from the SSL-secured TRACcess Manager server. Facility administrators can use this server to change access permissions using their office computer or even an Internet-connected tablet. Even programming updates for the locks are delivered from the server via smartphone keys to the locks. 

Any changes in keyholder permissions are transmitted at night when the TRACcess system refreshes the keys, and keyholders may download an additional update during the day to obtain newly-added permissions. The keys expire according to your settings and are routinely refreshed by the TRACcess Manager system, eliminating the risk of unauthorized keys in circulation.

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