Eliminate need to escort vendors

The TRACcess® system enables unescorted access for authorized vendors, while a full audit trail of their access activity allows you to rest easy.

Arranging site access for a vendor quickly becomes expensive when you have to pay an employee to meet a vendor and admit him or her. And if it’s after traditional business hours, the cost goes up even more.

With the TRACcess system, it’s no longer necessary to meet delivery or maintenance personnel at the site to admit them. Simply authorize vendor entry via an electronic TRACcess door lock, or through a UL-certified TRACcess key vault that holds the physical door key. The vendor can then use a TRACcess mobile key to gain access.

You’ll gain a full audit trail of vendor access and egress, along with the ability to delegate keyholder administration to individual vendor companies. This means both increased convenience for you and greater accountability from your vendors. 

Put TRACcess to work for you.


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