Electronic Locking Devices: TRACcess® Locks and Key Boxes

Bring mobile access to your remote and offline locations with TRACcess® locks and key boxes, opened with TRACcess mobile keys. Bluetooth® and infrared communications ensure that locks can be opened even when outside of cellular range. Programming is delivered during key operations, so travel is never needed to rekey a mechanical lock or reprogram an electronic lock. Records of recent access activity are retained in each device as well as being transmitted by the key to the TRACcess Manager database.



NEW!  TRAC-Guard™ Padlock

The standalone TRAC-Guard padlock puts the powerful TRACcess system to work in a small package. Install it at access points that are made for padlocks: gates, hatches, lockers, and more!  



​TRAC-Lock BT Smart

Replace a standard lockset with this wireless, intelligent, entry management system. TRAC-Lock BT Smart may be hardwired to your power supply or operated with battery power. 




​TRAC-Lock BT Smart with Alarm Interface

All the features of the TRAC-Lock BT Smart are included in the TRAC-Lock BT Smart with Alarm Interface that can be integrated with an existing security or surveillance system. You can authenticate intrusion alarms in remote locations. 




TRAC-Vault BT Smart

The rugged and durable TRAC-Vault BT Smart, constructed of investment cast steel, is built for attack-resistance. Large enough to hold multiple keys or cards, the vault offers a  surface-mount model or recessed version for new construction. 



TRAC-Maglock BT Smart

The powerful TRAC-Maglock BT Smart locks doors or gates that close against a hard stop. Its magnetic force secures the door with 1,200 pounds of holding force when the door is closed.  




TRAC-Box BT Smart

Encased in optional weather-resistant housing, the TRAC-Box BT Smart releases its key container from the bottom when keyholders press up at the base of the key box. 




 ​​​​Put TRACcess to work for you.

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