Electronic Keys

TRACcess® electronic keys are the communications backbone of your TRACcess system.  User permissions are managed from your administrators' Internet-connected computer or tablet, and are delivered to the keys from the TRACcess Manager system.  Missing or lost keys are protected by a PIN-code and expire according to your settings, so there is no need to rekey a traditional lock or reprogram a programmable lock again.  Keyholders may choose operations in English, Spanish, French, or German languages.



Put wireless technology to work with the TRACcess eKEY® app and harness the power of the smartphones that your employees or contractors already carry. The phone transmits data via the eKEY app to the TRACcess system after each access, whenever it is in cellular range, so you can monitor activity in real time. The eKEY app communicates with TRACcess locking devices via the phone's Bluetooth® signal even when cell coverage is not available. Click the image to learn more.  Learn more.
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Secure Keyholder Operations

The TRACcess system uses multiple levels of security to protect keyholders and sites:

  • - PIN-code identification
  • - Automatic key expiration refreshed during routine updates
  • - Communications with server over secure Internet protocols including SSL
  • - Communications with lock protected by AES 128-bit cryptography


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