Auto Dealership KeyBoxes

Window-mounted KeyBoxes give fast access to cars.  When keys are stored at the vehicle, your sales staff can spend time helping their customers get to the decision-making test drive, instead of running to the office and searching for keys. Cars can quickly be repositioned on your lot.
Used with our mechanical KeyBoxes, the patented Title lock and key system uses a unique code.  Each dealer’s KeyBoxes can only be opened with the key that is properly coded for that business.  Employees only need one key to access any of the mechanical boxes on your lot, so you can mix-and-match the type of KeyBoxes to your unique business needs.
Supra’s electronic KeyAdvantage system, especially designed for automotive dealerships, also provides window-hanging keyboxes.  Learn about KeyAdvantage here.





​Tracking vehicles and salespeople Large and durable ​Rugged and easy-to-use Heavy duty​
​Over-view ​The KeyAdvantage system provides greater convenience for salespeople and management. Its easy to use and you’ll always know who last accessed every key, date and time, and for what reason… without ever leaving your customer. Made from an aerospace aluminum alloy, Indigo is ultra-lightweight with the largest storage capacity of any Supra KeyBox. Indigo’s Snap Shut locking system makes moving vehicles easier and faster. ​The all-purpose Supra Max is durable and easy-to-use. Its one-piece construction and hinged lid are rust resistant and powder coated for long-lasting service.  Max’s interior is weather stripped to protect contents from the elements. ​Constructed of non-corosive zinc alloy with thick sidewalls, Magnum is Supra’s most-durable mechanical KeyBox for vehicles.  Its specially-designed, recessed lid adds to its security and durability.
​Primary use ​KeyAdvantage can be used at any size dealership. ​Indigo holds larger keys and key fobs that won't fit into smaller KeyBoxes. ​All-purpose Supra Max automotive KeyBox can be used anywhere. ​Magnum is big and strong for the times when durable key storage is needed.
​Lid / access ​Drop-down key pouch design allows for quick access and protects ignition keys. Snap Shut mechanism for quickly moving from car to car. Dry lock lid shields the lock from dirt & moisture corrosion. Recessed lid for security and durability.
​Material ​Steel construction with protective rubber cover. ​Aerospace aluminum alloy ​Non-corrosive zinc alloy ​Non-corrosive zinc alloy
​Capacity ​Large keys plus remotes. ​Large keys plus a remote ​One key ​Large keys plus a remote
(H x W x D)
6.7 in. x 4.2 in. x 2.8 in.​ 5.05 in. x 3.4 in. x 1.95 in.​ ​4.43 in. x 4.13 in. x 2.10 in. ​5.67 in. x 3.49 in. x 2.86 in.
​Weight ​3.4 lbs 1.75 lbs ​2.6 lbs ​3.3 lbs


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