Authenticate remote intrusion alarms

The TRACcess® system sends real-time access notifications to reduce false alarms.​

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) can become desensitized to alarms from remote locations such as cell towers. Although these sites are protected with intrusion detection systems, authorized visitors such as service technicians and contracted vendors often trigger false alarms while servicing these sites.  When NOCs receive alarms from sites that are too remote for a quick investigation, they begin to treat the alarms as annoying "white noise," thus canceling out any security benefit.

The TRACcess system can reduce false alarms in two ways.  First, the TRACcess door lock can be wired to shunt the intrusion alarm when a site visitor with valid credentials accesses the remote site. This prevents an invalid alarm condition from being sent to the NOC. 

Second, the TRACcess system can send a real-time message to the NOC when a site is accessed by an authorized visitor.  This is accomplished without additional expense since access data is transmitted from the TRACcess eKEY® app whenever the smartphone is within cellular range.  The NOC can be programmed to disregard any intrusion alarms after notification of the authorized entry arrives.  Access data can even be integrated with the NOC via the TRACcess Application Programming Interface (API).

Easy to install and use, the TRACcess system offers centralized administration from any computer or tablet through a secure Web connection.  Authorizations and programming are delivered via cellular network to and from TRACcess electronic keys, so you'll never have to travel to rekey or reprogram a lock.  Additionally, access data is stored in the lock, the key, and the system database for an easily accessible audit trail of activity.

Put TRACcess to work for you.​

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