After Hours Access


The TRACcess® System provides affordable after-hours access control whenever and wherever you need it.

Serving the public 24/7 through your ATM network extends your customers' banking experience, but also increases the need for service vendors to access the ATMs at all hours.  Routine care and maintenance at your branch and at remote kiosks requires after-hours service, and low-cash status or breakdowns can occur anytime.  Service vendors nee​d unimpeded access to your ATMs, but; online access control systems are cost-prohibitive and broad distribution of mechanical keys is inefficient and risky.

Give all-hours access to your service vendors with the TRACcess System.  Banks control access to ATMs by using the secure TRACcess Manager online portal.  Vendor technicians are authorized via their smartphone keys to access specific ATM service sites or groups of service sites.  The smartphones transmit access activity in real time via their cellular connection so you can monitor activity online, review activity reports, and opt to receive email alerts reporting activity at sensitive sites.  Multiple levels of security protect the TRACcess mobile keys and their communications. 

Authorize all your vendors – from routine maintenance or cash delivery to emergency repairs – with permission to open your TRACcess locking devices without dispatching staff or visiting a site to reprogram or rekey a lock.  Manage from any location via the online TRACcess Manager portal to enjoy convenient online management. The TRACcess System can remove hundreds or thousands of your bank's facility keys from circulation. Bring the advantages of 24/7 online access control to your ATM network with the TRACcess System.​

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