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Supra is a leading global provider of key management systems.  Supra offers innovative solutions for real estate, property management, automotive, and industrial sectors.  Supra provides a broad range of systems that enable authorized individuals to access sites and properties.
These systems include:
  • The iBox System which is used by Real Estate Associations and Multiple Listing Systems and enables real estate agents to efficiently market and show listed homes.
  • The KeyAdvantage System, used by automotive dealers, to enable salespeople and other employees to quickly obtain keys for vehicles.
  • The TRACcess System, which enables employees, vendors, and other authorized people to access multiple sites using a single electronic key.


Each system includes a server that records who obtained keys or entered a site and when that event occurred. Customers employ that information to increase productivity, streamline operations, and offer improved customers service.

Supra also provides mechanical key solutions that can be opened using master keys or combinations. These products are used by multiple types of customers, including consumers, property managers, automotive dealers, and fire departments. Please refer to the Customer Solutions section of this website for more information on how a variety of customer segments employ Supra's products.

Supra is headquartered in Salem, Oregon, where it has been in business since 1955. Supra is part of Carrier Global Corporation.


Core Values

Our culture is rooted in the core values of Carrier. These are the values that guide us: 






Product Security Commitment

Supra and Carrier are committed to the cyber security of our products and services. We investigate all credible reports of security concerns affecting our products. If you have a security concern regarding one of our products, please visit our corporate product security page.


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