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Authorize and monitor access at remote sites with the wireless TRACcess® system.  TRACcess keys communicate securely with electronic locks at your sites and with the TRACcess system so that you can track access without an expensive communications infrastructure.
With affordable access control and real-time monitoring, a host of new capabilities are now available for remote sites. If your company deploys and maintains dispersed physical networks, explore some of the ways that the TRACcess system can make a difference for you:

Network maintenance and service:
- Eliminate​ travel. Never visit a site to rekey or reprogram a lock.
- Increase vendor and employee accountability with real-time monitoring, or opt to receive email alerts for sensitive areas.
- Integrate activity data into your Operations Center through the TRACcess API.
- Engage employees or contractors quickly, even for temporary assignments, by authorizing access via the TRACcess eKEY® app on a smartphone.

Administration and Finance:
- Eliminate manual audits, key inventories, and the distribution and collection of mechanical keys.
- Authorize unattended vendor access to specific areas without paying staff members to meet and admit the visitors.
- Authorize trusted vendors to manage their own keyholders so you can focus on managing site authorizations.

Security and IT:
- Mitigate the risk of lost or stolen keys, and the cost of rekeying locks.
- Audit site activity.
- Maintain data in a secure environment​​ without absorbing the cost of a secure data center.

 Put TRACcess to work for you.


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