Fire Departments

Waste no time in juggling rings or racks full of keys to get into facilities.  Your TRACcess® electronic key, activated by PIN code, opens the Rapid Entry lockboxes in your jurisdiction. TRACcess lets you know who accessed your lockboxes and when, so you can answer questions about building entry, or double-check who last-used a key.  Click here to learn more about the TRACcess System.


TRAC-Vault is a UL-listed, intelligent storage device for multiple keys.  Choose a surface-mount or recessed-version vault.  Learn more about wireless TRAC-Vault..


TRACcess eKey Smartphone App

TRACcess eKEY harnesses the power of a smartphone or tablet to open TRACcess locks and vaults. The eKEY uses the phone or tablet's wireless signal to communicate with the key vault, and its Internet connection to exchange data with the TRACcess System.  Cell coverage at the site is not required for operation. Learn more about TRACcess eKEY.



TRACcess DisplayKEY

TRACcess DisplayKEY is used by jurisdictions that prefer a discrete key.  DisplayKEY operates in wireless mode for wireless TRAC-Vaults, or contact-based mode for legacy TRACcess locks and vaults. It exchanges information with TRACcess Manager when it is docked on its cradle. Learn more about TRACcess DisplayKEY.




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