​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bank and property managers no longer need to copy keys for distribution, search for misplaced keys, or arrange after-hours meetings to admit vendors. 

The Supra TRACcess System is used by many banks to relieve the burden of managing physical keys. Banks simply install the heavy-duty TRAC-Vault or a TRACcess wireless lock at branch facilities and ATM service locations. Whether providing property management, ATM maintenance, or IT, HVAC, or custodial services, vendors can enter the premises without a physical key. An audit record is created every time the system is used, so you can monitor activity and site use. 

Vendors use a TRACcess electronic key to open TRACcess locking devices. The keys are protected with multiple levels of security including PIN-code activation and routine expiry, so they are useless if lost or stolen. Granting and revoking authorization is managed from the comfort of an office computer via the TRACcess Manager secure online portal.​​

Remove your mechanical keys from circulatoin today: Arrange after-hours access and unattended service for your branches and ATM network with the TRACcess System.



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