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Wait on your customers, not on your keys
Now more than ever, providing customers with an expedient sales experience is critical. Supra KeyBoxes provide quick access to the vehicle and the test drive--an essential part of the sales process.  Your staff can show more cars in less time and customers can enjoy efficient car shopping experience at your dealership.


Today's customers demand security and accountability in a key management solution. KeyAdvantage provides full tracking and reporting while allowing access at the vehicle. This system is designed to promote employee accountability and reduce the expense of lost keys, while enhancing operating efficiency and customer service.
KeyAdvantage ushers in a new generation of benefits including improved customer satisfaction with a smoother sales process and fewer interruptions.

Indigo Mechanical KeyBoxes

Indigo® utilizes the Title® key system so that only authorized users can open your KeyBoxes. Supra's mechanical KeyBoxes provide an economical key control solution for your dealership. You can mix-and-match models of the mechanical KeyBoxes and still take advantage of Supra’s one-key-convenience.

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