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eKEY® App for Smartphones

- Quick Guide: (EN)

- Compatible Devices: Phones and tablets that work with the eKEY app (EN)​

- Videos: Check the TRACcess Video Library, including key-training videos
- eKEY App ​How-To Tutorials - Quick How-To instructions commonly performed​

- eKEY Fob Instructions

- eKEY Adapter Instructions for Apple products

DisplayKEY and Cradle

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Use TRACcess Mobile Web for automatic reauthorization of your key.  You wll need your email address from your TRACcess keyholder profile and your current key PIN code.
CLICK HERE ​​​to see tutorial tips on using TRACcess Mobile web.

 TRACcess Software Downloads

Set up a TRACcess DisplayKEY Cradle via USB connection: