TRAC-Mini™ Controller

The compact and rugged TRAC-Mini controller is used indoors or outdoors, even when out of cellular range. It can be mounted in small spaces including drawers, doors, or on racks of equipment.    
Bring mobile TRACcess® operations to your offline locking points with this mini controller.


The compact TRAC-Mini controller extends TRACcess capabilities to more offline locations. Its Pulse mode releases a solenoid lock (throw-the-bolt style) and its Relay mode holds a motorized lock unlatched for seven or sixty seconds to allow a technician to open several doors or drawers during one access event.


Multiple security measures throughout the TRACcess system include PIN codes for key holders with current keys. Keys expire routinely (you set the interval) and refresh automatically. Encrypted wireless communications and a certificate-protected secure online portal are some of the security features deployed through the TRACcess system.


TRACcess mobile keys transmit data to the system when the smartphone is within cellular range. System administrators can monitor activity online, subscribe to email alerts, or generate routine reports. Site owners can monitor access, performance on maintenance contracts, or even job progress using TRACcess job notes.

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