TRAC-Mini™ Controller

Safeguard access points to 
unconventional locations with the TRAC-Mini controller. Compact and rugged, it fits small spaces like indoor and outdoor cabinets, drawers, or narrow door mullions.  Pair the controller with a TRACcess® relay for even more versatility. This powerful device brings TRACcess system benefits to more offline locations than ever.


The TRAC-Mini controller brings options to your offline operations. It receives Bluetooth® signals from TRACcess mobile keys; drives multiple lock types; and, when used with a relay, can convert power, hold locks open, and provide battery power to a lock in the event of a power outage.


Multiple security measures are employed throughout the TRACcess system, including heave-and-know key credentials, expiring keys with automatic refresh, and encrypted communications. Management through the cloud-based TRACcess Manager interface is reached through a certificate-protected secure online portal.  


TRACcess mobile keys transmit data to the TRACcess Manager system when the smartphone is within cellular range. Operations managers can monitor activity online, subscribe to email alerts, or generate routine reports.

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