System Components

​The TRACcess® system delivers access permissions and real-time monitoring via cellular technologies, so no costly communications infrastructure is required. Real-time data is transmitted whenever smartphone keys have cellular coverage. You’ll enjoy convenient administration from a secure Internet site without the time and expense of traveling to rekey or reprogram locks.



Ele​ctronic Keys

Keyholders access TRACcess locking devices using the eKEY® app on a smartphone or the DisplayKEY electronic key. Each keyholder is identified by a unique PIN code and, with current permissions, may open from one to hundreds of individual locking devices or groups of devices. Each key may only open one locking device at a time. Property owners decide and control the access permissions to the sites. Keys are refreshed routinely and expire according to your settings. 



Electronic locking devices

Supra offers a broad selection of locks and vaults, including heavy-duty and UL-certified devices, designed to install quickly. The devices may be accessed by wireless or contact-based electronic keys. Records of access and recent use are stored in each locking device.  Check the NEW! TRAC-Mini controller that brings TRACcess capabilities to even more locking points.



Web enabled computer or tablet

TRACcess Manager software allows you to centrally administer access permissions for multiple facilities and keyholders – even vendor companies – from any Internet-connected computer or tablet. A user-friendly Web interface makes it easy to grant, change or withdraw access permissions. You can even delegate management of individual keyholders to your authorized vendors.



Secure web server

TRACcess electronic keys communicate with the TRACcess Manager Web-based server, sending access data and receiving keyholder authorizations via encrypted communications.  Every access is automatically recorded to provide an audit trail of facility access and keyholder activity. This cloud-hosted service lowers your cost because you leverage the Supra investment in a secure data center, redundant servers, and 24/7 monitoring.


Put TRACcess to work for you.

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