Real Estate Keyboxes

Supra KeyBoxes are easily accessible to authorized real estate agents, even in the worst weather, yet the solid construction is resistant to attack. Only the individuals authorized by the Association/MLS carrying an electronic key or smartphone software can enter homes.  Supra KeyBoxes record the agent’s identity, office, phone number and time the KeyBox is opened.

​iBox BT – the Bluetooth iBox

Smartphones communicate directly with the iBox BT using BluetoothR. No additional hardware is required for most smart phones. Supra’s infrared keys, the ActiveKEY and DisplayKEY, also communicate with the iBox BT. The iBox BT also has a larger key container that has room for gate cards and more keys. The iBox BT shackle releases in one step for easy placement on properties.


The iBox is Supra’s infrared KeyBox. Access is with Supra’s ActiveKEY or DisplayKEY, or a smartphone with infrared-capability or an eKEY fob. The iBox key container is large enough to hold at least three keys, yet is slender enough to fit behind screen or storm doors.
Bluetooth is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth SIG

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