Electronic Locking Devices: TRACcess® Locks and Key Vaults

TRACcess® locking devices and key boxes are configured to meet a variety of needs. You can arrange keyless entry to your facilities, or store physical keys at the point of entry to your sites. All activity is monitored and reported to your TRACcess Manager database, and every locking device retains records of recent access activity.
TRACcess electronic keys provide communications to the locks. Installation is straightforward and affordable because no communications network is required at the door. Access permissions are resident in the keys. Locks and keys communicate even when no cellular coverage is available. Travel is never required to rekey or reprogram locks because system data is transferred to the locks from the keys. 
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TRAC-Mini™ Controller

The compact and rugged TRAC-Mini controller can be used indoors or outdoors to control an electronic lock or other electronic device.  Ideal for use on cabinets, the controller can be configured to "hold" a lock unlatched for seven or sixty seconds, allowing a technician to open several drawers or doors at a time.

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​TRAC-Lock BT Smart

Replace a standard lockset with this wireless, intelligent, entry management system.  The wireless interface is mounted near the door handle, and door controller is on the inside of the door or wall.  TRAC-Lock BT Smart may be hardwired to your power supply or operated with battery power.

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​TRAC-Lock BT Smart with Alarm Interface

All the features of the standard TRAC-Lock BT Smart (above) are included in the TRAC-Lock BT Smart with Alarm Interface that can be integrated with an existing security or surveillance system.  The TRAC-Lock BT Smart with Alarm Interface may be used to authenticate intrusion alarms, especially in remote locations.

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TRAC-Vault BT Smart

The rugged and durable TRAC-Vault BT Smart, constructed of investment cast steel, is built for attack-resistance.  Available as a surface-mount key vault or as a recessed version that can be built into new construction projects, the TRAC-Vault BT Smart can hold multiple physical keys and/or access cards or key fobs. 

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TRAC-Maglock BT Smart

With the magnet and door controller mounted inside the door, away from potential intruders, TRAC-Maglock BT Smart locks doors or gates that close against a hard stop. The magnetic force secures the door with 1,200 pounds of holding force when the door is closed.

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TRAC-Box BT Smart

The TRAC-Box BT Smart is comprised of a key box encased in a weather-resistant housing.  Keyholders activate Bluetooth®  reception by pressing up on the bottom of the key container.  After selecting "Open Device" on the key and entering the user's PIN, the key container is released from the bottom of the key box.

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